Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier and Bad Odor in Clothing

Clothing can hold bad odors, especially in cases where the clothing is being constantly exposed to odors, such as with someone who works in a mill or factory or oil rig. These odors can be really hard to get rid of and after a while, they just become a part of the clothing. Even clothing that has been around tobacco smoke for too long will become permanently smell stained. What is the best way to get rid of this odor without investing in a ton of chemicals, incense or fabric sheets to mask the smell?A bamboo charcoal air purifier can get rid of the bad odors of clothing. They can be put in closets, lockers and in laundry hampers; anywhere where stinky clothing will sit and make the smell permeate through an area. Bamboo charcoal works by absorbing the air with the bad odor particles and locking them into the pores in the charcoal. Then, fresh air is released by the other pores and replaces the bad air, making your closet, rooms, lockers, and hampers smell fresher and cleaner. Bamboo charcoal is ideal for getting rid of clothing odors because it can be placed anywhere without taking up a lot of space and it won’t release anything chemically inoffensive to someone with sensitivities. It’s also entirely eco friendly and can be used for up to a year before needing to be replaced; and they are so cheap that it is no problem to replace them. The best part is that since the charcoal actually addresses the root cause of the problem instead of just masking it, it will keep working until it needs to be recharged in bright sunlight for a few hours, without any supervision whatsoever.You never have to worry about your clothing being stained or damaged by harsh detergents or air fresheners that use chemicals; this is especially important if you have a lot of fragile and expensive clothing. You don’t have to worry that your clothing will smell musty or disused if it’s been a while since you last wore an outfit. Bamboo charcoal will even get rid of odor in shoes, so it’s all around great for your entire wardrobe. If you ever have had fears that the smells from your day will ruin a perfectly good set of clothing, then you should get some bamboo charcoal and watch your fears evaporate into clean air.Odors in clothing are something many people don’t think about until it happens to them and then it becomes something that is hard to deal with. It’s especially problematic in lockers with gym clothing or work out clothing and in closets with clothing that may be older and holding smell better. Once it gets to this stage, it’s usually really hard to get rid of the odor without a good deal of time and expense, but you can amaze yourself and all those around you with a clean smelling closet or locker and one small colorful case with a piece of bamboo charcoal air purifier inside. You’ll be amazed at the difference to your clothing and the drop in disgusting odors.